Pastor Transition

Rivers are living things. Rivers don’t simply flow through the land, they change the land, cutting a new path with each drop of water.
At River of Hope we are also “cutting a new path” as we transition to our new settled pastor. It is a process of prayer, discernment and trust in the Holy Spirit to send just the right person for just the right time.

The River table called together a group of people to begin the process. The Transition team has met since September of 2019. Their task has been to assess the goals and ministry priorities of River of Hope and complete a Ministry Site Profile that will be used to match this congregation with a pastor whose mission and gifts match River of Hope’s needs.

Once the Ministry Site profile has been approved by the Synod the River table will put together a call committee. This will be the team that will conduct interviews and recommend a candidate to the River Table.

The members of the transition team are:

Scott Gross-Sand Chair
Louis Bedard
Dale Brandsoy
Ane Fitzgerald
Janine Olson
Sara Pollmann
Rachel Stearns
Brian Tillman
Sandy Tracy


Transition Team Minutes
October 2019
December 2019 


Call Process