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Who is River of Hope?

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River of Hope is the ELCA church in town. We are a purposefully intergenerational community who is following Jesus out of the building into the world where we live. We are learners (disciples) and practicers. Worship is a safe place to practice a dangerous gospel. And, believe us, it takes practice. Your questions, critical thinking, doubts, and imperfect lives are welcome here. In fact, no matter your status in society (divorced, never-been-to-church, gay, straight, old, young, cranky, liberal, conservative, questioning, recovering, allergic-to-church, smart-alecky…) you’ll fit right in and then you’ll be sent out to share that same love, that same welcome.


Worship is community-led by all ages.  It takes practice to follow Jesus, so worship is a safe place to practice faith language and movement. Practice involves all ages, so you’ll notice kids and teenagers, moms and dads, old and young helping to lead worship.  Participating in worship knows no age limit. Worship is one place and just one way we practice being Christians. It helps prepare us for living as Christians. Go ahead. Try it. No perfection expected –just practice.

Worship Style

We sing old, familiar hymns, as well as newer contemporary songs. We pray ancient words, and we speak words that are familiar. We actively participate in the worship service. Sometimes it’s beautiful. Sometimes it’s awkward. Sometimes it’s both. It always “counts” as worship. Then we try it again the next time. If you have young children, hopefully you’ll find this comforting.


You are welcome at Christ’s table.  Are you hungry and thirsty for grace and mercy that comes from Jesus Christ?  You are welcome.  We gather around this table each and every week, celebrating the transformation of our lives we experience through this meal.  It’s grace at work.  You don’t need to be a member of a particular church or be a certain age or pass a test. You are welcome at this table.  Ushers will invite you forward. Receive the bread into your open hand drink the grape juice. We’ve got gluten-free wafers and individually wrapped communion at your request. Return to your seat for prayer, quiet reflection, or singing of songs.

River of Hope Worship, what to expectExit Strategy

Nervous to stand in line and talk to the pastor? Just introverted enough that you’d like to slip away? Ok. Slip out the side door. Or scoot behind the line of people out the door. No one will be offended, really. We hope you meet someone while you are here, but not at the risk of your fleeing in fright from too much attention.

Where to Go From Here?

If you have questions you’d like to ask you can email, call (Office: 320-587-4414) or contact us via Facebook. If you’d like to meet with the pastor, it’s your choice to meet at the office, your home, or somewhere comfortable like a coffee shop. We hope you choose to come back again to River of Hope, no strings attached!