Worship 101

Time & Place

Sundays at 10:30 am.


Worship is held at the Hutchinson Event Center, 1005 MN Hwy 15 South, Hutchinson, MN 55350

Who may worship here?

All are welcome. You are. That has been our voice from the start. We want to include everyone looking for friendship, peace, spirituality, fellowship and a great place to worship!

How can I become involved?

Join us for worship, keep coming – we are trying to establish who we are as River of Hope, and want you to be part of creating that. Your presence will shape and form who we are. Those who want to be involved and serve River of Hope are added to what we call River Teams. Find out more about River Teams and River Guides.

What about Membership?

Part of being a new church is that we don’t have “official membership roles.” Transferring your membership is one way to show your support for River of Hope – perhaps it is another step in your journey here. All you have to do is call or email your former church home and request your membership be transferred to River of Hope. Our address is: PO Box 608, Hutchinson, MN  55350. Talk to Pastor Hans if you have questions.

How can I support God’s work in the world through River of Hope?

Not only can you use your hands and hearts, but you can also give financial gifts. If you have detailed questions, contact Pastor Hans about needs of the church, our community, and the world. Learn more about ways to give.

Worship 101: Church Nerd Grammar

Liturgy [lit-er-jee] means “The Work of the People”. Liturgy is often used interchangeably with worship.  It’s public.  It’s for the glory of God and the benefit of the other.  It’s ancient and mysterious.  It’s current and part of daily life.

Prelude [prey-lood]  is music that prepares us, sets the tone for the rest of worship.

Kyrie eleison [keer-ee-ey e-ley-uh-sawn]  is Greek for Lord have mercy. These words have been spoken and sung and prayed and worn smooth by the ancient community of faith.  They acknowledge our brokenness and depend on God’s mercy through Jesus Christ for forgiveness.

Gloria/Glory to God [glawr-ee-uh]  There is nothing else to sing in the wake of being forgiven of all our sins but Glory to God!

Alleluia [al-uh-loo-yuh] is the Greek form of the Hebrew phrase that roughly translates “Hail to God who is.”  It is often sung in hymns and praise songs and before and after scripture is read.  A fancy version of “yay, God!”

Great Thanksgiving is the little back and forth between presider and congregation to prepare the THE FEAST, communion, the meal that sustains and forgives us.

Benediction [/ben-i-dik-shuh] is “to speak well” – to be blessed by God as we are sent out into a chaotic world in God’s name. It concludes worship and directs our life.

catholic [cath-o-lic] Notice the small “c”?  It means universal, inclusive, diverse, eclectic.  So it could be said that you have a very catholic taste in music or food or clothing.