“What is the Bible?”

“It’s an odd phrase about pigs and dogs, and it’s easy to read it and think, HUH? Which takes us back to progression.

When you’re reading the Bible and come to a huh? part, assume that part flows out of the previous part. Assume the writer is making a case for something. Trust that this is going somewhere and that the twists and turns are intentional.

(Like when the apostle Paul in Romans connects suffering with hope. He’s doing something very insightful there when he shows how uope is something that is created within you – it’s not a fleeting thought or idea, it’s a state of being – that is only shaped when you allow the suffering you’ve been through to work on you and transform you in particular ways.)”

+Rob Bell in “What is the Bible?” p.76

Lent Goal: $1000 to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Click Lent 2017 – LIRS to see what River of Hope is up to during Lent. Will you help us reach the $1000 goal to support the work of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service?

As Christians, our calling is to love God and love the neighbor. This season of Lent, join River of Hope in showing love for the most vulnerable in the world.  You can read more about Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service efforts here.

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Dirty Laundry? We’ve got just the thing…


Riverpalooza in the rear view mirror (objects are closer than they appear)

Just in case you missed all the fun on November 20, we brought stories to share about what God has being doing with River of Hope and where God is leading us. [Read more…]

God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday, September 11, 2016

dayofservice_banner.ashxRiver of Hope’s purpose statement begins with these 3 words: We. Go. Out. (The dramatic periods are not behind each of the 3 words in our purpose statement. But dramatic here, no?) It’s in our DNA to be people who are sent out to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world in all kinds of ways.
On Sunday, September 11, we’re incorporating this “we go out” into our worship service, a church-wide celebration of our freedom in Christ to serve the neighbor. See more information here: http://www.elca.org/dayofservice?_g…
First, we’ll gather for worship per usual. We’ll sing a few songs and hymns. Then we’re going to bless people. We’ve invited first responders from the Hutchinson community to be part of worship that morning. So ER workers and EMTs and the Hutchinson PD. In light of the September 11th anniversary, we will surround them with our gratitude and pray God’s continued blessings upon their work to protect and serve the most vulnerable people at their worst.
Which, when you think about it for even a moment, is what we’re called to do as Christians. To first respond to those who are neglected or forgotten or in their greatest need. And we do this because God first responded to us.
So then, after this blessing, we’ll be fed from Christ’s table and then go and respond to the world in the form of service projects in and around the Hutchinson community.
Keep your eyes peeled for service projects to be involved with that will cap off your Sunday worship service. It’s going to be a good day to be reminded how we respond to the unconditional love given to us through Jesus Christ!

A Real, Live Faith

Sermon from August 7, 2016

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Narrator: After the Lord had spoken these words to Job, the Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite: [Read more…]

River of Hope’s Constitution

We will vote on the constitution on Sunday, May 15. One step closer to chartering!

Have a look here.


Also, here is a “Frequently Asked Questions” sheet about all things chartering.

Chartering Q & A

Questions? Contact

Pastor Linda Pedersen, Chair, linda.pedersen@swmnelca.org 507-328-9911                                               Pastor Laura Aase, laura@riverofhopehutchinson.org 320-583-8005                                                               Ruth Hamlow,rhamlow@hutchtel.net 320-587-5045                            JimSchaefer,jimbo101948@hotmail.com 320-587-3883                        JillSpringer,jillspringer5@hotmail.com 303-913-3828
Rachel Stearns, rfstearns72@gmail.com 320-583-3793.

What’s It All For?

Acts 18:1-4  1 Corinthians 1:10-18 April 24, 2016

You can listen to the sermon at this spot here:

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A One-Word Sermon


July 28, 2016 E-News

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