Rebuilding Hope

Easter Sunday Sermon: Luke 24:1-12: Rebuilding Hope

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Palm (Cloak!) Sunday

Palm Sunday – Luke 19:29-44

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The sermon time during Lent has been a time of construction together as a community. The audio (above) reflects an introduction, our discussion together, and some preached Good News at the end. Below is the scripture and notes.

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Bridging the Chasm

We’ve been doing participatory sermons, constructing meaning together. You can listen in here:

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Prodigal God

Prodigal Son – Luke 15

During the season of Lent, River of Hope is constructing the sermon time together. You’ll hear that reflected in the audio and see it in the notes below.

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Lost and Found

Sermon from March 12, 2017 on Luke 15 “Lost Sheep and Lost Coin” parables.

River of Hope is creating meaning together during the sermon time with a participatory section of asking questions about the scripture and talking with one another about it.  The audio (see below) reflects that. The printed “sermon” below is more my questions and a few notes I made to prompt me.

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Lent Goal: $1000 to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Click Lent 2017 – LIRS to see what River of Hope is up to during Lent. Will you help us reach the $1000 goal to support the work of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service?

As Christians, our calling is to love God and love the neighbor. This season of Lent, join River of Hope in showing love for the most vulnerable in the world.  You can read more about Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service efforts here.

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How are you a neighbor?

Luke 10:25-37

You can listen to the sermon time below. River of Hope has begun a collaborative sermon time for the season of Lent, so you’ll hear an introduction and conclusion with discussion time in the middle. Pastor Laura takes questions and repeats them. You can also read (below) some of what got said on Sunday.

Oh, and here’s how we experienced the scripture reading for the day.  Click here.

[Show Lego instructions on the screen.] This is what we know how to do, right? You buy Legos and then you lay out the instructions and you build the thing with every single piece. Right? There is a way to do this and you’re given all the pieces to put it together just so.
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Arrival and Departure and Arrival and…

Luke 9:28-45

You can watch the sermon right here or read on below.

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Freaks and Geeks

You can read the sermon below or watch it here:

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