We See Jesus in Condemnation

John 19:1-16   April 6, 2014              We see Jesus in condemnation

crown-of-thornsHere is your king, Pilate says.  And the crowd roars, “take him away – crucify him!”

Jesus is condemned to death on the cross.  His trial ends with Pilate giving the masses what they want, compromising his leadership and his gut.  His trial ends with a crowd yelling, “Crucify him! Crucify him!”  They have compromised peace for violence.  The chief priest’s voices are part of the mob, and they too have sacrificed their faith in a God who keeps the law and thrown their loyalty behind the fickle leadership of an emperor who promotes law with violence. They have renounced God in order to kill God. The blasphemy they charge Jesus with is now how they live.


Their behavior condemns them.  They have charged Jesus with blasphemy, claiming to be God.  And now they have renounced God and 263143_Angry-Crowd3claimed the emperor.  The way to the cross is paved with condemning behavior by disciples who abandon; by a governor swayed by public opinion; by a brainless, frothed-up crowd.



Faithfulness-image.001One of the things I ask God to increase in me most often is faithfulness.  Faithfulness to the Gospel; faithfulness to trust in how the Spirit is moving; faithfulness in a God who promises to bring life out of death.  There are many days I lay my head down at the end of the day and my head races with all the ways I did not believe. There are plenty of days my faith is condemned by my worried and unseeing heart.

At the end of the day, what behaviors condemn you?  Is it your distrust of a friendship or impatience with students; is it your doubt of your own self or your disappointment in your kids or where you thought your life would be by now?  Is it your addiction? Your ended marriage? Your unfulfilling job?


We all act as if Jesus died for nothing.  We can so easily identify with the chief priests, the religious authorities.  We each live lives that condemn the very idea that Jesus transforms our lives, changes the world, died for anything at all.

But, the hope that is born in Jesus Christ comes directly from this dark place – this place of condemnation and death.  Our hope is not born out of things going the easy way.  No, our hope is born from a man who refused to save his own skin and instead opts to save ours.

Why-did-Jesus-die-1Why did Jesus die? Because he was committed to loving his own to the end.  Jesus is unwilling to compromise his love for you and me.  No matter how we condemn in the end.


Here is your king.