Get ‘yer Bible Sunday! (Sept. 28)

We’re going to hand out and bless Bibles and their readers like crazy THIS Sunday, September 28.  Thanks to the over $800 brought in with brunch last Sunday (thank you!), these Bibles will be given to kids of all ages.

The next few Sundays you’ll have the opportunity to mark them up!  Underline your favorite verse, write an encouraging note or prayer and sign your name.  There is a reason we gather in community!

Help us be sure we’ve got one for your kid. Comment below or contact the office.  Or Facebook, too.

0806680598hNewly minted 7th graders will get the Lutheran Study Bible.  Lots of cool study notes and writings.  Plus the small catechism is in here too.










3rd-6th graders will love this Spark Bible.  Study notes and good questions.










4 year olds through 2nd grade will learn the classics with this great story Bible.