Riverpalooza thank yous

1958121_10153861331160564_36610183_nWhat a great time we had on Sunday, celebrating River of Hope!  Looking ahead to our future and telling stories of what God’s already been doing with us was a major theme of the day, along with welcoming new folks into our midst.  (A note about being “new”:  a lot of the new people have been around for quite some time.  It’s a relative term.  We’re just getting better at welcoming people. New or not so new.  Whatever!)

Anyway.  The day was filled with many voices.  Thanks to our first round of Hope Mentors who made the time to get to know the new folks joining River of Hope.

  • Thank you to the Greg and Stacy Vilt, Fletcher, Ragan and Max for introducing us to Sarah and Nick Nelson, Lauren, Hudson, and Adler.
  • Thank you to Kristi and Josh Hoffman for welcoming Tara and Blair Nelson; Noah, Taylor, Kayla and Connor.
  • Thank you to Terry and Warren Kempfert for introducing us to Gus and Pat Ziemer.
  • Thank you to Ron and Susan Johnson for introducing DuWayne and Shirley Olson.
  • Thank you to Sara Nelson for introducing Kathy and Maddy Nordman.
  • Thank you to Beth and Steve Gasser; Isabelle, PK, Adria, and Jillian for introducing us to Geoff and Amanda “Amy” Davis; Mona and Gabel.

Thank you to all the story tellers who answered this question: where have you seen God alive and well in…(finances, worship, outreach, Faith5, etc…)

  • Josh Hoffman, who told the story of our financial past and future.
  • Brian Tillmann, who told stories about the McLeod County Fair and about the way their family has grown in giving financially to River of Hope.  To paraphrase: “I used to resent financial talks given at church…but if River of Hope wasn’t here, I honestly don’t know where we’d worship in town.”
  • Jack Hartman, for telling a story of where he sees God in worship.
  • Mara Pollmann, for telling how she saw God working on a trip she wasn’t excited about going on in the first place.
  • John “A Frame” Beck, for telling how he sees the power of music impact Beer & Hymns.
  • Keri Thoreson and Ron Johnson, for telling how they see God at work through painting houses, meals on wheels, common cup and more.
  • Ruth Hamlow and Loraina Tillmann, for telling stories about mentoring and confirmation

Thank you to riverKIDS for singing during worship and for all who helped tell “mini river” stories.

Thank you for bringing a never-ending table of potluck lunch!

Thank you to the Hospitality table and the Vision table for helping to set up.  (Especially to Loraina Tillmann who created the waterway entry and the waterfall off the potluck table!)

Thank you to those who felt so inspired they moved our river to flow right out the door!

If you want to see Pastor Laura’s “River Conditions” from Riverpalooza, check out the sermon tab on the website in the next few days.

What an incredible journey we are on together.  Just think what God has in store for us!