Riverpalooza in the rear view mirror (objects are closer than they appear)

Just in case you missed all the fun on November 20, we brought stories to share about what God has being doing with River of Hope and where God is leading us.

Here are the handouts that tell you the story of the day and o the ministry of River of Hope:

flow-of-river-of-hope (Curious how leadership looks and works for River of Hope? This will give you a visual of our life together.)

ballot-for-the-river-table (The new River Table members were elected on Sunday. Welcome Emma Kraft, Rod Riewer, Jill Springer, Mike Weisenberger, Nancy Jorgenson, Warren Kempfert)

visual-narrative-budget (Want to see what your giving looks like? Take a look at the next 3 links. Your giving matters so much. Thank you!)



river-of-hope-tables (Our Table life is part of helping the ministry of River of Hope to come to life. Do you want to be part of a table? Excellent! Not all tables exist yet. If you’ve got a passion for one, raise your hand. The River Table is going to be chewing on this in the early months of the new year.)

15110455_10211427912797798_755682417197166407_oPastor and Mission Developer Laura reminded us about all the things God’s been using us to do (see her sermon right here to read all about it). The Vision Table has started to ask the question about the physical neighborhood around the Hutchinson Event Center.  She brought this charge to all of River of Hope:

So we ask you, River of Hope, to begin to pray with us about our neighbors and how we can repeat God’s promise that has been written on our hearts to them. And, this is critical, that we listen to them first, before we speak. Chances are we’ll see and hear the promise from them before we speak it. Pray that we will listen. Pray that we will be changed. Pray that we will show God’s love. Pray for River of Hope to matter to this neighborhood.


wake me up before you go go…

 Worship and Music Curator Jim Nelson made the best jokes and got THE heartiest laughter of the morning, no contest. Of course. All because of a little 80s group called WAM! (Just in case you’re confused, that’s not a picture of Jim but of the 80s group. You’re welcome). Anyway, Jim told the congregation about some of the parts of his job as Worship and Music Curator (WAMC!) and invited anyone to be part of helping to make worship happen especially around the High Holy Days of Advent, Christmas Eve, Lent and Easter. Tables are open for you to serve on and not a life sentence, we promise.

fullsizeoutput_177aBrian Tillmann, Ruth Hamlow and Sue Peters brought the work of the Financial Stewardship table to life, showing our progress in giving, celebrating the new givers and urging those who haven’t given consistently to consider signing up for Simply Giving. River of Hope was thanked again and again for its faithful giving of financial resources and time. Do you support River of Hope consistently with your financial gift? Please consider doing so. It was also highlighted that simply counting who is in worship on a given Sunday doesn’t tell the whole story. In a 5-week span of time, roughly 80% of River of Hope attends worship. They also invited you to the table, if you’re interested in serving on this table.

fullsizeoutput_177bBrian Pollmann brought a word from the Parish Personnel table and their work in supporting the called and hired staff of River of Hope which, in turn, supports the life of River of Hope. They are grateful for the support River of Hope gives to Pastor Laura, Jim Nelson, and Pam Johnson.



15069002_10211427914997853_4428096544964781774_oAnd! And! And! Bishop Anderson brought words of blessing from God to our newest Hopefuls as well as to our entire gathered community, recognizing that we are church not because of a building but because of our belief in the triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.img_4347 img_4348 img_4349