Order RoH Shirts/Sweatshirts

The new stuff doesn't look like this.  But it's a nice picture, no?

The new stuff doesn’t look like this. But it’s a nice picture, no?

Been hankerin’ for a new River of Hope shirt?  Or maybe you’ve not had one and never even really thought about wearing something with your church’s name on it.  Well that time has passed, my friends.  We’ve had a new logo for a while and we’ve finally gotten it on stuff you can wear.  So there.

You have until July 31 to place your order for a new tshirt, a hoodie, a crew-neck sweatshirt, or a long sleeve tshirt.  Available with your choice between 2 logos – River of Hope or Hope Floats.

$3 of each sale will be given to the youth at River of Hope.

Click on the link below and then enter: roh into the “store code” box.  Pay on-line and they will be delivered to River of Hope and we’ll bring ’em to ya at worship or at the fair.  Or maybe we’ll even show up at your front door!

Here’s the link.