News You Can Use, Responsibly

Bring to worship This Sunday (June 22), we’ll be diving further into the 10 commandments.  Bring something that represents what can get in the way of having God central to your life.  I know I’ll have to lay down my smart phone…  No worries, if you don’t want to bring anything, we’ll have time during worship to reflect.  The Good News is that God is always faithful to us.

Stick around after worship for a tailgate lunch!  We’ll be tailgating this Sunday for lunch.  Hotdogs right off the grill, plus some baked goodies for sale.  100% of whatever you can give for lunch will go to help River of Hope youth go to camp and on the Urban Immersion trip to Minneapolis. (These 100% proceeds going directly to the youth are because of a couple generous folks in our midst who are making this happen.  Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!)

Day Camp Blast June 30-July 2:  Get all the information and sign up right here.

Did you know?  If you missed worship, you can find bulletins and the Weekly on the River of Hope website.  It’s true.  Click here.

Mail Chimp.  We use this handy-dandy email-sender program called Mail Chimp.  It’s awesome. Except when it isn’t.  Some of you are not receiving it, even though your email remains on the list in that program.  Trouble-shooting efforts are being made with computer literate people.  In the mean time, check your email spam folders/garbages to be sure your computer isn’t making decisions for you.