Moving right along: October 6

I just can’t help it. I am susceptible to ear worms.  You know, the song that just gets stuck in your head?  (There is an “antidote” of listening to a Tina Turner song, but it usually backfires on me in a horrible, horrible way.)  But I don’t mind this one getting stuck.  “Which one,” you ask?  Good question.

“In search of good news with good friends” sings Kermit.  Sounds about right.

Our community is on the move.  Well, we’re always on the move, hard to contain and all that.  But our worship space is changing.  We’ll be starting a second worship service for all the morning people out there.  (I will be a morning person.  I will be a morning person. I will be a morning person.)

October 6 is the day we’ll move from Vineyard to the Hutchinson Event Center.  And, liking metaphors and experiential learning, we’re gonna hoof it from Vineyard to the Hutchinson Event Center as part of worship.  Can you even stand it?  (Hospitality note: you most certainly can drive.)

A few details to consider:

  • Worship is at 5:30pm on Sunday, October 6 and will begin at Vineyard.  Wear your comfy walkin’ shoes.  (Watch the sky: if it rains, we’ll caravan.)
  • We’ll sing and bless the Vineyard folks (some of who will be at worship with us) and they’ll bless us and then we’ll let the river flow, as they say, out the door and down the block.
  • Our worship will conclude at the Event Center.  (We’ll carry water drops and bottles of water with us to our new spot….stay tuned!)
  • You can park a car down at the Event Center before worship if you’d like a head start after worship ends there.
  • Those with toddlers and babies, bring along a stroller if you like.

So, grab Kermit and your funniest stuffed bear and we’ll hit the road together on October 6.