June 2020 Update

The call committee met June 24 via Zoom with synod staff for an orientation about the call process to find the next pastor to lead River of Hope.  An exciting and challenging task.  We learned that one source to identify potential candidates can come from you as a member of River of Hope.

If you know of a pastor who you think might be the right fit for River of Hope, please consider completing a Pastoral Candidate Nomination Form.  Once you provide information about this pastor, the form is sent to the call committee chair and then forwarded to the synod.  Contact Emily Heilman at the ROH office to request a copy of the form.

We will provide periodic updates about progress we make as your call committee.  We are grateful for your continued prayers and support.

Nan Crary, chair

Louis Bedard — Kris Dobratz –- Scott Gross-Sand – Leah Pollmann – Jim Schaefer – Katie Weisenberger