Holy Week Worship Information 2014

We’ve begun the week that is holy – and awfully busy.  Even amidst the last minute planning, I find myself slowing down, burrowing deep as this week’s undercurrent carries me forward, always threatening to knock me over.  It’s the weight of the Christian story.  Yet in that very same current is good news.  Like, The Good News.  Come and hear and participate in this story.  It’s God’s ultimate activity of loving us. It’s our predictable activity of running away.  And yet, God never runs from us.

Maundy-Thursday worship, 7 p.m. at River of Hope.  It’s “mandate” Thursday when Jesus tells us how to love.  It’s an interactive worship service and we worship with Vineyard United Methodist and the UCC.  And You, whoever you are.  Bring a rock (3 to 4 inches wide) and a mug.  Like a coffee mug.  If you forget, that’s ok.  Don’t let it keep you from coming to worship. We’ll have extra.

Good Friday Worship, 7 p.m. at River of Hope. We’ll gather around the cross that only continues to look meaner.  And yet we look to it for our very hope.  Contemplative and prayerful and brief.

Easter Sunday Worship, 10:30 a.m.  Breakfast is from 8:30-10.  Joyful, celebratory worship is at 10:30.