Psalm 46:10

March 17th 2020

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
This has been a “go to” verse for me for years. Specifically, since my late husband’s stroke. During that time when the world changed overnight I suddenly found an overwhelming amount of responsibilities on my shoulders. I needed some “stillness” – some peace. I didn’t over think the verse – I found permission to be still – and that was enough.
That changed, however, when a well meaning person used the same verse to explain WHY Jack had a stroke. That, for some reason, in God’s wisdom it was for a divine purpose that Jack suffered a debilitating stroke.
At first, I was confused. Why would a loving God do that?
Then, I was angry – then – someone helped me see this verse from another angle – God gives us the ability to be still – and at peace – not because God caused the chaos around us, but because God doesn’t leave us alone in the chaos.
The same is true today. As we all walk the chaos of empty grocery shelves, the loss of jobs, the loss of social contact, the fear of illness – know that we are not walking alone.
God is right here, walking with us. Sending just the right person to give us a phone call at just the right time. Sending an article on social media that calms our fears. Sending US to be that comfort for someone else.
May we see God’s peaceful presence in the midst of this stressful time!
Let’s pray:
Gracious God,
We thank you for sending your peace into our lives in new and unexpected ways. Use us to go out and bring your peaceful presence to others as we help the vulnerable in creative ways.