5:30 PM Worship

The last 5:30pm worship service is this Sunday, January 26, 2014.

As I said in worship this past Sunday, I’ve been talking to those folks who have been attending the 5:30pm worship service regularly, or at all, and have asked them this question:  “What would you do if we stopped having this worship service time?”  The majority have offered a knowing look, seeing the writing on the wall, and have said, “I’ll/we’ll go to the 10:30am worship service.”

As the 10:30am worship time has begun and found traction, the 5:30pm worship time has slipped in attendance. Initially, attendance was right around 50 which included some that were attending both times.  Gradually, that number has slipped with the average number hovering in the 20s or 30s.

When I asked our community to weigh in on projected habits of worship time attendance, it was about 50/50.  Many said, “We’ll switch back and forth.”  I think it has surprised many folks how easily the 10:30am worship time became home and habit.  It is what it is and we can’t always know what we’ll do. But people are voting with their feet!

We began as a 5:30pm worship time community.  We rallied around it to make it work.  Now, we’re letting it go. And we will see just what intentional move we will make in the future as we continue to grow and reach out to those who do not know the good news.   Who knows?  I am convinced God will reveal to us what is next.