100 days until Easter!

#100happydays #hopefulpeople  Stripes simply make me happy.

#100happydays #hopefulpeople Stripes simply make me happy.

I stumbled upon this project  over the weekend.  100happydays.  If you look at your calendar, it’s about 100 days until Easter.  So how about looking for one thing each and every day that made you happy.  A small thing.  A silly thing.  A normal thing.  An extraordinary thing.  Snap a picture or write down a word or phrase.  Put it on Facebook or comment on this blog post below.  You can use #100happydays or #hopefulpeople to group you with the other folks trying this out.  But you don’t have to.  I’m not here to harsh your mellow. 

The point is to look for hopeful things, joyful things, things that make you smile each and every day.  Some days will be trickier than others.  Some days you’ll have to make tough decisions about what to post.

My dad always says, “We’re Easter people who live in a Good Friday kind of world.”  So come on, hopeful Easter people.  What’s keeping hope alive for you today?