What happened to Sunday School?

“What happened to Sunday School?”

Our Sunday school teachers and organizers were weary.  It’s hard to only have a few consistent kids show up each time.  AND, when we asked the kids what they thought about Sunday School, we got an overwhelming “meh.”  Indifferent. Whatever. Could take or leave it.  And from what we were seeing, many weren’t, uh, taking it anymore.  Take this into consideration along with the fact that the church you grew up going to, what with the Sunday School bells and whistles, has changed.

So we took a leap.  We took a risk.  We’re trying something new.  We’re putting feet to our faith.  Modeling, showing how we live out the Bible stories.  Living. Kids, adults. Everybody. We’re calling it River Life.

So now it involves YOU!  No matter your age, education, preference for terrible movies or not knowing a thing about the Bible.  Seriously.  You.

Try it on for size this Wednesday at FAITH5 night (6-7:30pm), including dinner.  Then keep your eyes peeled for “We Go Out” and “FAITH5” every month.

Here is the new, updated River Life schedule.  Get to know River of Hope.  https://riverofhopehutchinson.org/river-life/river-life-schedule/