Well, that was moving…

1378152_668730699812489_64310853_nWe did it!  River of Hope moved down the road from the Vineyard building to the Hutchinson Event Center!  The rain stopped.  The sun came out. Blue sky, folks.  We ate along the way. We sang, we blessed the new space, we blessed and thanked the Vineyard folks.  We gave thanks to God for our life together and that it doesn’t depend on a building.  Or in the words of Jeanette:

The last months have proven to me that there is not such a thing as a coincidence. Last night proved that once again. It was no coincidence that God walked with RoH from our first home to our second home. I’d be less than honest if I didn’t say I had moments of ‘wondering’. But before I knew it, we were in our new home, the service was amazing, and I left with a full heart. It truly isn’t about the building!!!!

Being the body of Christ is about flesh and blood, living every d ay kinds of life.  Of course we need some place to gather, but it is so important that we know who we are without the bricks and mortar.  We are claimed by God through the waters of baptism, baby!

As we live into this new location, we’ll figure out the bugs.  Weigh in on how things sound and look.  Help us make worship there a beautiful and meaningful experience.  It will take practice and the Event Center staff are willing to help us tweak our set up until we feel we’ve figured it out.

So, just in case you missed it, here are the new details for River of Hope:

Worship Location:  Hutchinson Event Center
1005 Highway 15 South
Plaza 15

Worship Time:  October 13: 5:30pm

October 20 (and continuing): 10:30am and 5:30pm

River of Hope Mission Outpost (office) location: 300 Hwy 7 West (office building attached to yellow warehouse.)