Take Back Advent

Monday, 30 November, 2015

This past Sunday I invited and challenged the congregation to read the Bible on a daily basis through the season of Advent. It was in light of a reading from 2 Kings where they discover/re-discover what we think was the book (or a portion of the book) of Deuteronomy. What you need to know is that rediscovery changed the life of King Josiah, and so it changed the lives of his people.

What would happen to you if you were to read scripture every day?  Don’t worry about having to know all the technical details of it. Just see if this daily habit of reading scripture will actually connect God’s story and your story. Does it matter to your life? Some days, quite frankly, it will be tough to draw a connecting line. Other days it may seem like it’s taking notes on your actual life.

Join me in reading scripture that connects the story from Sunday to Sunday. You can see the daily readings by going here and clicking on “Weekly Insert”:  https://riverofhopehutchinson.org/im-new/worship/worship-bulletins/

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