Steady Eddy

River of Hope recently gathered its leadership together to look down river for what is next.  We “eddied out” as the river rats would say.  We looked behind us at the distance we’ve come. We looked where we are right now. And we looked down stream, all the while asking where God has been and is right now.

We are going to have to put down all the things we know how to do and learn how to move forward into the future that is brand new terrain. It’s scary. There are no experts to call in, no silver bullets. It’s time to be who God has called us to be – a people who go out to transform lives through Jesus Christ. That’s the expert we know – God.

It’s a scary time to be church and it’s an invigorating time to be church. Remember, death and resurrection are at the heart of who we are as Christians. It’s why we proclaim Christ as the way, the truth, and the life. We are rooted in this rhythm, this promise of new life.

Take a peek into the Steady Eddy notes. There is a power point, an audio, and results of the S.O.A.R assessment. And then stay tuned for how your story will be part of this on-going story of God sending us out into lives that are transformed by Jesus.

As you sift through this information, please ask these questions and then pray these questions:

  • What serves our purpose? What reflects our values?
  • Who are we missing?
  • What should we try next? (either that you see on the feedback or that hasn’t even been thought of yet)

You can listen to our meeting here…

You can watch the Power Point here: Steady Eddy Power Point Reduced Format

You can see the results of the S.O.A.R assessment taken by those in the room here: SOAR Feedback