(Simply) Giving Challenge

To be plain: Simply Giving (an automatic, electronic program) has saved our bacon.

However you give to River of Hope, our bacon thanks you.

So what’s this challenge?

Will you get a load of this!?  A generous, anonymous gift of $2000 is on the table from some folks who love River of Hope.  They challenge you to do one, two or all 3 of these things:

  • Increase in what you are already giving to River of Hope.
  • Start giving a financial gift to River of Hope
  • Sign up for Simply Giving

No amount is too small.

June 1 is the deadline to see these things happen:

  • Simply Giving people increases from 56 to 70
  • We close the remaining $2000/month gap (which is about $500/week)

How can you give?