Saying “Yes” to Baptism…

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Dear Hopeful People,

Just in case you missed it, last Sunday 8 people confirmed their baptisms at a celebratory worship service, surrounded by their families and mentors. It was a raucous worship, celebrating the power of the Holy Spirit.


  • to families that practice faith at home and in their daily lives and not just at worship once a week. Your faith habits and practices matter so much.
  • to mentors (Michelle Jeske, Terry Kempfert, Jami Beffert, Diane Lietzau, Jill Springer, Stacy Vilt, Katie Weisenberger, Sara Shorter) who walked with these young adults for the past 3 years. In their “Living Creed” statements they made on Saturday, all of the mentors led with “who me? a mentor?” and then proceeded to talk about their faith and the work of God in their lives that had us all saying, “well, of course you.” The Holy Spirit is powerful in how it uses our ordinary daily lives to bring the promises of God to life!
  • to the young adults: Anna Houseman, Emma Kraft, Olivia Kropp, Maddiee Mora, Mara Pollmann, Abby Riewer, Cameron Schofield, and Hanna Seifert. Your Living Creed statements on Saturday were faithful and true. Thank you for taking the risk of saying yes to a life of faith. You are not alone!
  • to Kristine Dobratz and Jami Beffert and Brenda Sandquist and all the other parents of 8th graders (and 8th graders themselves) for helping to host the Confirmation After-Party!
  • to Warren and Terry Kempfert. Warren crafted the beautiful glass cross windows and Terry engraved them with each youth’s name and their confirmation verse. What meaningful gifts to give in the name of River of Hope. Your generosity and creativity are gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • to Carol Krage and Sandy Tracy and the beautiful blue stoles each of the youth decorated and wore. It’s like water dripping over their shoulders, a beautiful reminder of the “yes” to their baptism.

What a gift to be in this life of faith with you. Thank you.

Love, Pastor Laura

ALSO — want to see pictures of the joyful day of confirmation?  Click right here: