River Conditions

These are the River Conditions from this past Sunday’s Weekly News.  In addition to this was also a presentation by Brian Tillmann and John Paulsen.  Slides are pictured below from that presentation. (Click on the images to make them larger.  It may take one or two more clicks to get them to a read-able size.)

Hopeful People,

It’s been our story all along.  As a Mission Congregation and a Congregation Under Development, we’ve been receivers of gifts of money in our 4 years together.  We will continue to see gifts given to us out of the generosity of friends and strangers; in the church world and outside of it.

We’ve always seen a gap in what we bring in financially and what goes out.  The gap looks and is wider now that the grant we received from the ELCA for 3 years has stopped.  We’ve asked in letters and announcements. We’ve called special meetings and made a video.  Reports and power points, paper and voice.

It’s time for River of Hope to support itself financially.  It’s past time, actually.  We’re not in a crisis, but in a few months we will be.  It’s the spot that all mission congregations face.  Pastor Larry Strenge and Bishop Jon Anderson both know this is one of those galvinizing moments for a mission church to get it’s financial feet under itself.

We’ll give you some concrete numbers to chew on in worship today and next week and at Riverpalooza in a few weeks.

I really love doing this – being the pastor and mission developer for River of Hope.  I think you love it too.  I’ve seen your love and generosity demonstrated in countless ways.

Will you help River of Hope, the only ELCA church in Hutchinson, have a future?  Will you consistently support this ministry?  I am asking you to help. How can you help?

I am confident we can do this.

In faith, hope, and love,

Pastor Laura

There is a cost to gathering as a community, make no mistake or apology.  River of Hope is a unique and needed church in the community of Hutchinson.  The reality is that many families aren’t in worship every week.  This is not a guilt statement but is simply true. Yet, worship and ministry continues to happen week in and week out.  Give consistently so this ministry can do more than survive, but thrive.  Sign up for Simply Giving right here, an automatic withdrawal program.  Or get a form at worship and talk to a human being (John Paulsen, River of Hope Treasurer). Or contact the office: [email protected].

This community was called out of darkness into being by a God who creates miracles out of dust.  This community reaches out in love to the nooks and crannies of Hutchinson.  River of Hope will continue to flow with Good News of God’s love for all people.  Jump in the river and give.