Purple Prayers

I love Lent.  It sort of comes off sounding like, said by Brick Tamland from the movie Anchorman.  Yes, I am that sincere.But really, I do.  Love Lent, that is.

Jim Nelson and I have been chewing on the theme for Lent for weeks and weeks.  Of course, it takes looming deadlines to really get creative, so this past Monday, Jim and I let it fly and planned what shape worship will take throughout the next 6 weeks.  It will look familiar to you if you worship at River of Hope with any regularity.

But, Purple Prayers have made their way into worship.  A brain child of Jim’s, these prayers allow for both contemplation, quiet, song,
and wiggliness. These Purple Prayers will ask you to think where you’ve seen God alive and well in the past week and where you hope and pray to see God in the up-coming week.  These Purple Prayers will remind you that you are not alone in this life of faith. That others will and do pray for you, care for you, love you.

Each week we will be astonished and, all at once, not at all surprised by how unexpectedly Jesus works in our lives.  Here is what you can look forward to in the next 6 weeks:

“Well, that was [unexpected].”

 We see Jesus, most often, in [unexpected] places, like…

Mar 9 …death

Mar 16 …feet (serving)

Mar 23 …denial

Mar 30 …court

Apr 6 …condemnation

Apr 13 …a fickle mob