May 24th, 2020 Death Swallowed in Life

Family Sunday School 


1 Corinthians 15:1-26, 51-57

This week we will hear a story that Jesus tells about God’s house in heaven. He is telling this story right before he has to leave his best friends. He doesn’t want them to worry, so he tells this story.

Promises Story

God’s House Coloring Sheet


Promises Activity Page


Bible Book Marks

Print up the Bible Book Marks for yourself – and make extras to share. Consider finding a book to give away with the book mark inside!

Bible Verse Book Mark (Blank) 

Bible Verse Book Mark (Colored)

Planting Seeds

This week the Bible story is about Jesus conquering death. A seed “looks” dead – we know it’s not, but it sure looks like something dead. Planting it, watering it and seeing life come from the dry seed can teach us all about life coming from death!

As you plant seeds, think about who you can bless with the flowers that bloom or the vegetables that grow.


Review past week activities

Find one or two that you haven’t done from a past week.


WE GO OUT family activities from past weeks:

Spring Flowers

  • Make tissue paper flowers and attach a message of love to the “stem”. (Something like, “Jesus Loves You” or, “You are a loved child of God”)
  • Leave the flowers in places where people might find it – you might want to write another note that says … “If you see me, take me home to brighten your day!”

Prayer Chalk “Go Out” Activity

From the Lesson on Sunday, May 3 Paul prayed “I always give thanks to God for you because…”

Surprise someone by writing a prayer of thanksgiving about them with chalk on their sidewalk or driveway using the phrase from Sunday’s story, making sure to complete the sentence with something about them.

Spring Clean up

  • Choose one of your family’s favorite outdoor spots.
  • Bring trash bags and gloves and pick up whatever trash you find in that area
  • Before you leave, make a chalk drawing or chalk prayer for the next visitors to know that God loves them just as they are!


Living out Matthew 25

    • In Matthew 25 Jesus tells us that when we help other people who are hungry or lonely or cold or hurting in any way, we are helping Jesus!
    • This week we are helping people who are unable to get their own groceries by picking them up for them through the Hutchinson food shelf. Go to and follow the instructions for proxy pick-up intake.