Dirty Laundry? We’ve got just the thing!

September, 2016
Did you know River of Hope is partnering with Vineyard United Methodist Church in a little venture called Laundry Love? It’s true.

Wait. What is Laundry Love?

You ask such good questions.
But first, let me tell you what Laundry Love is not.
Laundry Love is not something we do to “get more members” or to “get more people to help pay our bills.”
Laundry Love is not about talking Jesus at people, or only putting quarters in the machine if they love Jesus. (Gross.)
Laundry Love is about giving people money to do their laundry. One quarter at a time. One load of laundry at a time. No matter their religious beliefs or station in life. We plug the machines, they go home with clean clothes and towels and bedding.

What would you do at Laundry Love?

I held a container of quarters for a few families. I introduced myself to them, even got to know the families throughout the time I was there. I’d get their washers going with the quarters. I’d keep the dryers going by plugging in more quarters. Sometimes I was hanging out with them, other times they would come and get me to add more quarters.
Some keep track of the quarters and get them put into the containers.
Others keep track of the names of folks so we know if someone is brand new or returning.
Some hand out prayer cards and ask if there is anything our churches can pray for in their lives.
Others can’t show up to help but instead contribute financially in quarters, checks and cash.
Dirty laundry, soap, quarters and lives all collide at the laundromat.
Now, a few numbers
200…that’s dollars we contribute monthly toward Laundry Love. It takes about $500 to make it go ’round.
3…that’s the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Put it on your calendar.
9…that’s hours that Laundry Love needs people to show that love. It is clearly meeting a need in Hutchinson so the 2 shifts have gone to 3 to encompass the whole day. Can you come for one shift? (stay tuned for what those will look like.)
12…that’s the number of new families who were served by Laundry Love September.
30…that’s the number of total families served by Laundry Love in September.
1…That’s you. How will you help show love through Laundry Love?
This couldn’t be a clearer connection to our purpose as a congregation We go out to transform lives through Jesus Christ. And it fits so well with our “no strings attached” guiding principle. And all through dirty laundry. Sounds just like Jesus, doesn’t it?