2021 Lent

Midweek Lenten Worship and Songbook 

Set Your Space Together: 

  • Set aside a time each week for reflection.

As a household will you gather on Wednesdays via zoom for worship at 7pm, or does it work in your schedule to set aside time before bed or first thing in the morning with a hot cup of coffee? Set aside some intentional time each week to pause and enter into sacred space and reflection on what it means to be Christ’s disciples.

  • Find a way to mark your sacred space.

You might do this by lighting a candle and setting your table for dinner church, or you might curl up in a favorite chair or play some music that helps to ground you in this present moment. If you have kids in your household, consider including them in setting up an alter space each week. They can find a favorite blanket or table cloth to use, they can create a cross out of blocks or art supplies, and they can help prepare the supplies for the interactive elements each week.

Know that wherever and however you gather, this space is holy ground and God meets you here.

  • Gather this worship booklet and your RoH Lenten At-Home Kit which has the supplies needed for the interactive elements.

Check your email or the RoH Facebook Page for weekly prompts on the interactive themes

    • Take a few deep breaths to ground you in this present moment.

“Repeat to yourself: I am here. God is here. This space is holy ground. (Sanctified Art: Again and Again)

Prayer Practice Videos