River Teams & Tables

What do River Teams do?

They help to host worship that begins with a wide welcome in the parking lot, and they stay to lock the doors and turn off the lights. Each part of the team contributes important elements to welcoming people and bringing the promise to life. Wall flowers and spot light types are both needed.

What’s a River Guide?

River Guides help to organize the team and to hand off that leadership within the team to the next one. One River Guide will be established for the month as the main contact person. However, if he/she simply cannot be at worship on a particular Sunday, he/she will arrange within the team to have another River Guide.

River Teams list

What do Tables do?

They are like committees that meet each month.  Active right now are the  Financial Stewardship, Parish Personnel and Vision Table. You are invited to be part of a table.

River of Hope Tables

Table Minutes