The Best You’ll Ever Have

John 2:1-11

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What is the Bible?

“I’ve heard people say that they read it literally. As if that’s the best way to understand the Bible. It’s not. We read it literately. We read it according to the kind of literature it is. That’s how you honor it. That’s how you respect it. That’s how you learn from it. That’s how you enjoy it.

If it’s a poem, then you read it as a poem.
If it’s a letter, then you read it as a letter…
There are lots of ways to read it. In fact, right isn’t even the best way to think about the Bible.

How about dancing? You dance with it And to dance, you have to hear its music. And then you move in response to it.”

Rob Bell in “What Is the Bible?” pages 80-81

What is the Bible?

“You never stop asking questions:
Why is that there?
What is that referring to?
Why does Luke mention that women paid Jesus’ bills?
Who were those women?
How does that book begin?
How does it end?
Why does the book of Ruth end with a brief genealogy of King David?”

Rob Bell in “What Is the Bible?” page. 78

“What is the Bible?”

“It’s an odd phrase about pigs and dogs, and it’s easy to read it and think, HUH? Which takes us back to progression.

When you’re reading the Bible and come to a huh? part, assume that part flows out of the previous part. Assume the writer is making a case for something. Trust that this is going somewhere and that the twists and turns are intentional.

(Like when the apostle Paul in Romans connects suffering with hope. He’s doing something very insightful there when he shows how uope is something that is created within you – it’s not a fleeting thought or idea, it’s a state of being – that is only shaped when you allow the suffering you’ve been through to work on you and transform you in particular ways.)”

+Rob Bell in “What is the Bible?” p.76

What Are You Looking For?

John 1:35-51

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Who are you? What Good News do you have to share?

New Year’s Eve Sermon: John 1:19-34: Who are you? What Good News do you have to share?

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Christmas Eve: Come to the Manger

Tonight is a night we celebrate. It’s a night of great expectations of gift-giving and receiving; of time with family or apart from family. It’s a night that highlights our great joy. It is a night that exposes our deep despair.

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Come Back to the Beginning

December 24, 2017     Advent 4 – Come Back to the Beginning

John 1:1-18

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Come to the Water

Isaiah 55:1-13

The written sermon follows below. But seriously, the preached word is meant to be heard. Give it a listen. (Plus, what was written and what gets preached are often 2 entirely different things!)

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Come Back to Life

Come Back to Life   Ezekiel 37:1-14                       December 10, 2017

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